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Vibrant, National Bank’s experiential agency, solicited iGotcha’s expertise to create a memorable technological experience for students during its back-to-school campaign. Their objective was to motivate university students to make an appointment with a bank for the very first time.


We incited students to visit National Bank by deploying an interactive experience that enabled students to create their own 3D signatures. With the help of technologies such as HTC Vive and the Google Title Brush® app, we encouraged them to sign their name in an innovative and interesting way.

Students got the chance to experience virtual reality and doodle with a 3D pen. They were then invited to reach out to a Nation Bank branch and discuss their financial needs with a consultant.

The experience was a success! It toured around many Canadian university campuses, gathered new millennial clients, and helped position National Bank as a youthful and tech-savvy company.

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The National Bank of Canada is the sixth largest commercial bank in Canada. It is headquartered in Montreal, and has branches in most Canadian provinces and 2.4 million personal clients.

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