Digital Directory Solutions

Electronic directories present accurate information in an intuitive manner, allowing you to deliver a unique and interactive experience to visitors.

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Digital Directory Solutions

Dynamic Direction

An interactive touchscreen directory provides an easy-to-navigate list of tenants that can quickly and easily be updated from anywhere in the world. Enable visitors to scroll through building occupants, or quickly access what they need through a sophisticated search feature. Electronic directories provide a streamlined way to inform residents, staff and visitors alike.

Digital Directory Solutions

Go Further

Digital directory solutions can do it all. Custom applications enable property owners to add wayfinding systems which map out the building, even across multiple floors. Additional RSS feeds can be integrated to display the hours of operation, weather, news or even social media networks. The messaging displayed on the boards can be scheduled and updated to reflect the time, day and season. Our directory boards make it easier than ever to keep your property running smoothly.

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