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RONA aimed to modernize their brand image by integrating technology that could enhance their store. iGotcha Media was mandated to deploy various dynamic signage solutions simultaneously to modernize the look of their store. Our innovative solutions promoted their brand image and products to maximize selling opportunities.


Several interactive kiosks were custom-made to better accommodate the customers in this large retail store. iGotcha Media accompanied RONA throughout the entire design process, advising them on all of the possible features and materials.

A wayfinding and information kiosk was designed to help customers navigate the store, and easily find what they were looking for. A kiosk was also added at the drive-thru and was equipped with a printer to help clients print out product references and receive them at checkout. Lastly, a kiosk was installed in the store enabling clients to make special orders of products that are not on the shelves.

Dynamic displays were installed throughout the store to help with brand and product promotion. A large 3×3 video wall was deployed at the entrance to grab the attention of consumers passing by. This large video wall was equipped with an audience-measurement camera enabling RONA to test the efficiency of the different content that was being deployed, and adjust it accordingly.

iGotcha also put a 55″ screen in the entrepreneur space of the store, deploying personalized promotional messages. A 2×2 video wall was installed in the household electrical department to display engaging product-focused content. A tailored audio solution was also designed to draw the attention of consumers towards the video wall.

Our digital signage software, iGotcha Signage, enable RONA to manage the content being displayed on these screens easily and remotely.

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Rona, Inc. is a Canadian retailer of home improvement and construction products and services. Founded in 1939, the company operates a mixture of company-owned and franchised retailers under multiple banners, including Rona, its big box formats Rona Home & Garden and Réno-Dépôt, as well as smaller brands such as Rona Cashway, Marcil Centre de Rénovation, and Dick’s Lumber. On February 3, 2016, U.S. retailer Lowe’s announced that it would acquire Rona for $3.2 billion pending government approval. Lowe’s plans to maintain the Rona name in mid-sized stores post-merger.

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