Automated Stations

Via Rail


iGotcha’s mission was to find a way to automate stations for VIA Rail to ensure 24/7 service.


iGotcha built the first series of interactive kiosks capable of printing pre-purchased tickets, and allowing customers to reach the call center to buy new train tickets.

Our team quickly expanded the kiosk’s features to adapt to the needs of our clients and travelers alike. These new terminals enabled customers to perform easy transactions using a touch screen display and payment PIN pad. These terminals guarantee a highly secure purchase process which complies with PCI standards. Each individual terminal can be monitored and securely restarted remotely. The terminals aided in the safety and smooth travel of passengers by displaying train schedules and emergency messages for all to see. Lastly, the newly designed terminals aided the control agents by implementing integrated weighing scales and a bag tag printer.

Our Process
Design & Building Sets
Network Management
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Turnkey Solution

VIA Rail operates as Canada’s national passenger rail service on behalf of the Government of Canada. An independent Crown corporation created in 1977, VIA Rail provides a safe, efficient and environmentally conscious service from coast to coast, in both official languages. The Company puts more than 500 trains on 12,500 kilometers of railway tracks every week, connecting more than 450 Canadian communities.

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