RFID Technology

iGotcha RFID is based on an easy-to-use NFC technology that’s connected to a chip and placed on bracelets, cards and promo objects. “Lift and learn” or “tap-and-go” methods create a frictionless experience for guests, and enable businesses to monitor and control visitor activities.

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RFID Technology

Open Sesame

Offer a magical experience to visitors by enabling them to swipe their RFID device to gain access to an event. RFID chips can also be integrated in objects to enable users to learn more about products, incorporate them as part of a payment system or use them to track valuable information. Provide your visitors with a seamless way to access information and navigate your space.

RFID Technology

I Spy

RFID systems transmit data about the flow of your guests. Gain valuable insight about user behaviour and learn how they interact with your event. Monitor how many people are in certain areas at once, or how popular certain items are, to ensure that things run smoothly and that visitors are enthused.

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