Music Experience

Festival d’été de Québec x Bell


Create an experience where all Festival-goers can choose from more than 200 albums to listen to their favorite music in a modern setting sponsored by Bell.


200 CDs and vinyls were displayed for the customer to choose from. iGotcha had to integrate an RFID chip into each one of them. The user placed the album on a sensor to prompt a screen showing the album and the song playing. The LeapMotion technology had to be integrated to allow customers to navigate between songs of an album. And all this had to be built and installed within the smallest possible time frame.



The first step was to figure out how to hide all RFID chips to create a wow effect and a seamless experience for all customers. It also had to accomodate 6 users at a time as 6 stations were built and each one of them was offering the same 200 albums. More than 6 decades of music! Each station had a screen displaying the album cover and the title of the song chosen by the user.

Imagined by Youville Hausmann and executed by iGotcha’s techy team, this experience was able to connect old times to the modern era while strengthening Bell’s connected and innovative positioning.


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