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Consolidating the image of a brand represented by many franchisees can prove difficult. Nissan reached out to iGotcha Media for assistance in getting dealerships to adopt dynamic in-store displays in order to reinforce the brands’ major campaigns.

The solution had to acknowledge that each store needed flexibility to manage the content of their own displays, while maintaining the visual and tonal continuity as a brand.


In order to improve in-store customer experience while generating sales opportunities, we developed a content strategy where standardized campaigns from Nissan Canada’s head office blend with RSS feeds such as local weather and news, in addition to dealer-specific content through brand-compliant templates which are customizable by each dealership. We have already implemented the transition through an existing network of close to one hundred dealerships while providing them with technical support.

The result? 15% network growth in less than a year, and a growth of over 30% in user adoption, with registered dealers regularly using the platform to create and manage their own content. The program was such a success that Nissan opened it to the Infiniti brand as well.

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Nissan Canada Inc. (NCI) is the Canadian sales, marketing and distribution subsidiary of Nissan Motor Limited and Nissan North America, Inc. NCI directly employs 306 full-time staff across offices in Vancouver (BC), Mississauga (ON), and Kirkland (QC). There are 194 independent Nissan dealerships, 41 Infiniti retailers and 45 Nissan Commercial Vehicle dealers across Canada.

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