iGotcha Media provides technology solutions for event marketing companies, including hardware rental and technical staffing. Our expertise includes: photo-booths; blue or green screens; RFID applications; tablet applications; interactive windows; augmented reality applications; gesture applications; and kiosk/hardware rentals.

Air Canada (DT2.0)

Photo-taking application with Blue Screen

When Air Canada launched the new 787 Dreamliner, iGotcha Media provided the hardware and the several green screen stations at the event. People would stand in front of the green screen, a photo would be taken, and a 4”x6” photo printed in real-time as a keepsake.

Mazda (Youville)

Auto Show 2012 & 2013: Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

iGotcha Media provided several technology solutions for the event including: an interactive fog-screen; a photo-booth application with real-time posting to Facebook; and, a two-sided video wall.

Telus (Youville)

Evénements multiples

iGotcha Media developed several interactive touch screen applications, including an application that would recommend a mobile phone based on answers to a brief survey. iGotcha Media also developed an Augmented Reality application for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) where Telus’ Zebra and other animals would ‘come-out’ on users’ smart phone screens.

National Bank of Canada (Vibrant Marketing)

Just for laughs event

National Bank was a proud sponsor of the Musical Hairspray. iGotcha Media developed an augmented reality application whereby people would see themselves on a screen wearing different wigs. Once a wig was selected, a printout could be generated that people could take home to show their friends and family.

Reebok USA

RFID Automated Check-In

iGotcha Media has provided technology solutions for several of Reebok’s annual “General Marketing Meeting”. To encourage the involvement of participants in the various workshops, iGotcha provided RFID wristbands to 700 guests. When a guest entered a conference room, their name and photo would appear on a screen and their attendance would automatically be logged.

National Bank of Canada (Vibrant Marketing)

Rogers Cup

iGotcha Media provided hardware ranging from video walls, to interactive screens, to a giant iPad for use at Canada’s largest tennis tournament. iGotcha developed applications ranging from a two-person trivia game to a game where people had to act like a line judge and say whether a ball was “in” or “out”. Engaging people through technology is a passion of ours.

National Bank of Canada (Vibrant Marketing)

Mall Tour : Interactive Children’s Touch Screen Game

The “Tirelire” or “Piggy-Bank” campaign was conceptualized by iGotcha Media and composed of four stations that were setup in various malls around Quebec. At the first station, a photo would be taken of the child and a mock personalized debit card would be printed. At the second station, the child would clean his room and rewarded with play money that was put onto the debit card. At the third station, the child would deposit the played money into a play bank account. At the fourth station, the child could learn how to use their money: “Save”, “Share” and / or “Spend” were the lessons of the day. The game allowed children to deal with these banking elements in a fun and educational way.”