iGotcha WayFinding is an innovative interactive software that will guide your visitors easily and intuitively while improving their experience with useful and complementary information. It is also a powerful tool that has the ability to generate additional income.


iGotcha WayFinding is an advanced multi-touch wayfinding solution that has the following features :

Uses a semantic search engine to easily find locations and POI

Automatically suggests the best itinerary for a location(including specific routes for disabled access)

Displays interactive information about locations and POI

Allows to run location-specific promotions


iGotcha WayFinding saves your customers valuable time and energy with its many advantages :

Efficiently manage your platform from anywhere thanks to a user-friendly and intuitive back office

Generate additional income by selling dedicated advertising space

Improve the visibility of local businesses and professionals

Collect relevant data and learn about your customers’ behaviours


iGotcha WayFinding content manager makes setting up and updating player(s) an easy task, at anytime and from anywhere. Accessible on the internet as a web service, just log-in to access your project and add, edit, update or delete content, locations, items, facilities, utilities, routes, promotions, or events. iGotcha WayFinding also provides the possibility to consult the interactions statistics and extract the latest newsletter subscriptions with ease.