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Delivering sensory audio solutions


Immerse and engage customers with custom audio solutions.

Music is an integral part of the retail customer experience. Our audio solutions will help you strengthen your brand image through enhanced in-store environments and an improved client experience. Equipment, management software and installation. We take care of everything!

A unique brand sound.

Work with an audio expert to perform a musical analysis with your brand and target market in mind. Identify your unique sound as part of your audio strategy. Customize your audio to fit your brand and customer needs. You can base it on time of day, biorhythms, store traffic demographics, or for a special event! The possibilities are endless. Create a unified sound for your brand to elevate your brand experience. 

Your background music project from A to Z.

Create a unified and unique customer experience with your audio. Although it may seem like “background noise”audio branding can attract, engage and retain customers. It can instill a sense of recognition, familiarity, and even comfort. Audio cues can influence customer decision-making and in some cases increase sales. 

Smart software for custom audio.

 iGotcha Audio Solutions is a powerful, flexible and configurable software that can answer all your needs and requirements. The iGotcha solution supports your audio system project from planning to installation: audio consultation, technical advice and recommendations on optimal speaker placement, playlist programming, in-store installation and technical support.
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