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Integrated brand experiences.

iGotcha Media delivers fully integrated brand experiences to create deep emotional bonds between brands and their customers. In an era of infinite choice, consumer loyalty is dying, expectations are rising, and attention-spans are virtually non-existent. The rules of the game have changed, and the stakes have never been higher. We live in an age where experience is everything. Buying decisions and consumer loyalty are based on emotional, human connections. Brand experiences must be impactful, memorable, and mesmerizing, establishing meaningful bonds at a personal level. We achieve this by converting consumers from passive recipients to experiential partners. We create brand stories that are lived, not told.







Cirque du Soleil.

iGotcha Media developed an innovative experience that engaged guests at Cirque du Soleil shows. With a unique integrated brand experience comprised of engaging digital signage content, and interactive experiences guests were immersed in the extraordinary beauty of Cirque du Soleil at every touchpoint.

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We are SOC2 Certified.

We are thrilled to announce that iGotcha Media has successfully obtained our SOC 2 certification, a significant milestone in our commitment to data security and privacy. This achievement reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in information security management, ensuring the trust and confidence of our valued clients.

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Auto show experience.

As the agency of record for Nissan and INFINITI across Canada, we created an experience that attracts, engages and converts visitors through beautifully designed content and interactive custom-built tablet applications. This integrated brand experience facilitated lead generation, allowing visitors to send requests for information directly from the lead form on the iPad to a dealer. iGotcha Media delivers fully integrated brand experiences.

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