Network Management

Dedicated technical support team


Network Management.

Our team of technical experts help you manage and operate your network of screens 24/7.  Our network operation centre uses automated tools to monitor and maintain 99% uptime in our networks. When iGotcha provides the hardware, our technical team proactively and continuously monitors the installations of all our clients. This helps us to find and resolve any problems that may arise before such a problem has an impact on our clients. Our automated and advanced alert system allows clients to receive notifications about potential issues. From monitoring minor alerts, operating system errors, power outages our even hardware failures, we validate every issue, automatically collecting data for our customers and our support team.

Technical Support.

  • 99% uptime guarantee

  • Network operation 24/7

  • Support 9 am to 5 pm

We provide telephone and unlimited email support (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST) and will always do everything possible to diagnose and resolve problems remotely. This ensures any delays and on-site repair costs are kept to a minimum.

There are three ways to reach the iGotcha support team; through our dedicated web form, email ticketing system, or by telephone.  Once the issue has been diagnosed the task to resolve the issue is created and assigned to the appropriate individual in the support or development team.  Our support team technicians provide progress updates to client representatives. All issues are tracked by support tickets from submission to resolution.


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