Nexnovo Transparent LED

High Transparency and Brightness LED Display

iGotcha Media is proud to build amazing projects with its partner NEXNOVO. NEXNOVO has revolutionized the advertising industry with its innovative transparent LED screens.

A commitment to technological innovation and strict quality control have made NEXNOVO an internationally recognized high-tech company. Their 20,000 m² factory is equipped with high-tech production facilities and inspection instruments to guarantee its partners superior competitive advantages and added value to partners like us.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, NEXNOVO has expanded to include offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Its products are used in a wide range of environments, including airports, railway stations, shopping malls and many others.

Nexnovo NovoGlass.

LED photoelectric glass is a cutting-edge technological product that combines precision manufacturing, integrated chip design, control systems, cloud services, and other multidisciplinary technologies. LED photoelectric glass is poised to transform various industries and sectors with its innovative features and adaptability. It has a broad range of target markets that include media, urban lighting, new building materials, exhibition shows, and many more areas.

This revolutionary technology is not only a breakthrough in display technology but also a disruptive building material that is expected to pave the way for new market applications. Its unique form and versatility offer endless possibilities for multiple brand-new market applications.


NEXNOVO’s brand-new 92% transparent glass LED, launched in 2019, is focused on technological innovation and can display crisp, vivid media content, ushering in a new era of intelligent glass LED displays.

Modular design.

Customizable to your application via a variety of modular sized units.

High resolution high brightness.

Exquisite picture quality. High-definition imaging with a maximum brightness up to 5000 nits providing a vibrant picture even in daylight.

Tested, safe and reliable

Using a dry laminating process, PVB/SGP interlayer is applied between the glass.
Lamination is carried out by high-pressure autoclave. The glass laminating process conforms to common building practices and code approvals. The laminated glass maintains stable performance and high strength.

LED Grille Display.

A high-tech product with high transparency and brightness that is installed behind the beams of a glass facade. It is ideal for use in various applications, including curtain walls, shopping mall atriums, sightseeing elevators, and other areas that require an impressive visual display. With its high resolution and excellent performance, it can enhance the overall aesthetics of any building or space.

Core technology-- High quality LED lamps.

The LED lamps used in our outdoor displays have high brightness and colour consistency, as well as anti-UV and moisture-proof properties, ensuring a long lifespan. The use of matte encapsulation enhances colour balance, and an all-black housing increases contrast ratio.

Patented technology - National invention patent.

NEXNOVO’s 3D-SMT™ Technology has been developed over several years with extensive research and funding. The technology ensures that every soldering plate on the PCB undergoes an 8-stage process, providing the best surface for LED connections and enhancing the overall performance and durability of the product.

Extremely transparent.

Transparency ranges from 65 – 90%. The LED strips are almost imperceptible beyond a three metre viewing distance.

Modular design.

Standard cabinet sizes and various pixel pitches are available.

Easy installation.

Modules can be easily assembled by hand. All purchases are equipped with standardized spare parts.

High brightness, low-power consumption.

Up to 7500nits brightness for clear visibility in daylight, while consuming less than 30% power compared to typical LED screens.

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