Donor Wall

Revolutionizing the donor experience


Interactive Donor Walls

Thank your donors and amaze your visitors with an interactive donor wall. These modern and creative displays celebrate your organization with immersive storytelling experiences that incorporate branded and interactive elements and truly honour your contributors and supporters.

Recognize your supporters

Honour the generous individuals and organizations contributing to your success by creating profiles and showcasing logos, photos and other information. Highlight donation size with visually distinct markets, engaging videos and eye-catching graphics.

Highlight how donations are used

Incorporate creative photos and videos highlighting the use of donations. Showcase new facilities, equipment, medical advances, and more. Interactive touchscreens enable users to drill down into the information and learn more about fundraising efforts, donors, and your organization.

Encourage donations

Integrate your donor wall with your fundraising platforms to show a real-time list of contributors, build excitement and generate interest in a fundraising campaign! Connect, captivate, and convert directly at your interactive kiosk by running a real-time fundraising campaign and accepting transactions on the spot.
JGHF Donor Wall

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