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Delivering the power of engagement

Digital signage immerses consumers everywhere, in-store, at home, and on-the-go. Brands must leverage technology now, more than ever. Along the customer journey, consumers engage with physical and digital touchpoints understanding their role is key to building emotional connections, lasting relationships, and an immersive experience. Our knowledgeable team will recommend a wide variety of flexible technological and content solutions to improve your customer experience, including video walls, LEDs, interactive kiosks, wayfinding systems, payment solutions, audience measurement technology, and much more!

Digital Signage Experience Strategy.

The first phase of a proper strategy is understanding your business objectives and content needs. We put these goals into context by evaluating them from both your brand’s and customer’s perspectives.

We begin most engagements by collaborating with our clients to put together a comprehensive digital signage experience strategy. This aids our clients in identifying current and future digital experiences and their related content needs that encompass multiple levels of engagement along the customer journey. As part of this ask, we consult on determining what the right content types and playlist strategies are to deliver effective digital content. We explore the role of digital signage, mobile, interactive touch screens, tablet experiences, line queue integration, gesture interactivity, beacons, VR/AR, and other immersive experience opportunities.

Experience Design.

iGotcha Media’s team of digital experience experts includes content strategists, creative and UX designers, motion graphics specialists, 3D animation and special effects artists, interactive developers, software programmers, and engineers. Our creative content helps ensure digital experiences connect, captivate, and convert passive viewers into active brand advocates through immersive storytelling.

Custom Technology.

We don’t just help you strategize on what the role of technology should be, we also help architect, design, build, and configure custom technology solutions. From PCI Compliant Payment Terminals to outdoor digital signage kiosks that can withstand fierce Canadian winters, we can engineer and design hardware solutions for all your needs.

Transparent LED.

Captivate your customers with this showstopping technology. iGotcha is an industry leader in delivering fully integrated brand experiences on transparent led canvases. Elevate your store experience and create visual impact without obstructing your line of sight. Reinvent how you attract customers in-store, merchandise your products, and more!

LED Signage.

The ideal solution to deliver larger than life spectacular displays for both indoors and outdoors. These can be entirely customized to fit your business objectives and environment. Revamp your branding and modernize your business with LED signage.
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Video Walls.

Engage and inform your customers with eye-catching video walls that seamlessly reinvent your space. Create a visual experience unlike any other using high definition displays and innovative content that can easily be updated. The result? An increase in engagement and revenue!

Interactive Solutions.

Our interactive solutions are created by our expert team of strategists, UX designers, 3D animation specialists, developers, and engineers. Our team practices a user-centred design methodology to ensure every experience is not only technologically advanced but also designed with the end-user in mind. We utilize innovative technology to empower two-way engagement like a touchscreen or gesture-based kiosk, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more to create a uniquely immersive experience that helps your customers seamlessly navigate and engage with your space. Our interactive solutions create a multi-sensory integrated brand experience.


Digital Kiosks.

Digital kiosks use eye-catching imagery to drive engagement and improve customer satisfaction. Interacting with a digital kiosk helps customers build a connection with your brand and provides visitors with the ability to get what they came for quickly and easily using interactive and informative digital solutions. These solutions can up used for entertainment and gamification purposes or to create a user-friendly experience for customers to receive information and even process payments.

Digital Menu Boards.

Digital menu boards deliver more engaging experiences than static or traditional menu boards. They improve communication and provide flexibility by allowing many content objectives to be achieved. They can help to upsell and cross-sell products, simplify the selection process, and provide brand and aspirational content. Modernize your restaurant and engage your visitors by displaying eye-catching content alongside your menu.

Digital Directories.

Streamline your property management with an advanced digital directory that informs residents, visitors, and staff. An intuitive touchscreen display allows for seamless navigation and delivers an unforgettable experience. Innovation enabled for smooth navigation!

Wayfinding Solutions.

Immersive wayfinding maps seamlessly guide your visitors with the most up-to-date information. Our wayfinding solutions will drastically improve your customer journey but will also minimize operational costs while providing new revenue streams.
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Digital Donor Walls.

Thank your donors and amaze your visitors with an interactive donor wall. These modern and creative displays celebrate your organization with immersive storytelling experiences that incorporate branded and interactive elements and truly honour your contributors and supporters.

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