Digital Kiosks

Delivering the power of engagement

Digital signage immerses consumers everywhere, in-store, at home, and on-the-go. Brands must leverage technology now, more than ever. Along the customer journey, consumers engage with physical and digital touchpoints understanding their role is key to building emotional connections, lasting relationships, and an immersive experience. Our knowledgeable team will recommend a wide variety of flexible technological and content solutions to improve your customer experience, including video walls, LEDs, interactive digital kiosks, wayfinding systems, payment solutions, audience measurement technology, and much more!

Digital Signage Experience Strategy

The first phase of a proper strategy is understanding your business objectives and content needs. We put these goals into context by evaluating them from both your brand’s and customer’s perspectives.

We begin most engagements by collaborating with our clients to put together a comprehensive digital signage experience strategy. This aids our clients in identifying current and future digital experiences and their related content needs that encompass multiple levels of engagement along the customer journey. As part of this ask, we consult on determining what the right content types and playlist strategies are to deliver effective digital content. We explore the role of digital signage, mobile, interactive touch screens, tablet experiences, line queue integration, gesture interactivity, beacons, VR/AR, and other immersive experience opportunities.


Digital Kiosks

Digital kiosks use eye-catching imagery to drive engagement and improve customer satisfaction. Interacting with a digital kiosk helps customers build a connection with your brand and provides visitors with the ability to get what they came for quickly and easily using interactive and informative digital solutions. These solutions can up used for entertainment and gamification purposes or to create a user-friendly experience for customers to receive information and even process payments.

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