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Restaurants of the Future: The Impact of Interactive Digital Signage on the Industry

Restaurants of the Future: The Impact of Interactive Digital Signage on the Industry

Digital menu boards influence 30% of customers’ purchasing decisions. Catchy and appealing menu boards have replaced the non-responsive static signs used by restaurants. Restaurants are incorporating interactive digital signage in their operations to attract customers, influence their purchase decisions, and consequently increase sales. Here are ways you can use digital signage in your restaurant to attract customers and enhance their experience.

Personalized Menu Boards

Digital menu boards allow restaurant owners to change the items on the menu at different times of the day. The traditional breakfast and lunch menus are tedious. With interactive digital signage, you can preset or schedule the contents to display during dinner, breakfast, or lunch. You don’t have to incur extra costs to change the menu.

Digital menu boards can easily be updated. Restaurant owners can, therefore, effortlessly manage menu items and prices.

Interactive Marketing

You can attract customers to your restaurant by installing digital signage in high traffic areas in a mall. If you have a new item on the menu, you can bring it to the attention of your customers by displaying it on the menu boards or self-ordering kiosks. Since digital signage can be updated, you can communicate with your customers about an upcoming event. You can also display new graphics that will grab the attention of your customers at any time.

Streamlined Ordering

With self-service kiosks, your customers don’t have to queue to talk to the cashiers. Touch screen kiosks allow customers to navigate your menu and get detailed information on the items listed.

More so, if your interactive digital signage displays images of the food on the menu, it makes it easy for the customers to pick out their orders. They can also get information on their order wait time. The ordering process becomes fast and allows you to serve more customers in a day. This will increase your business’ bottom line.

Interactive digital signage also reduces customers’ perceived waiting time. Incorporating videos and imagery makes the dining experience of your customers better by providing them with in-restaurant entertainment.

Guests expect a world-class experience when they walk into your restaurant. At iGotch Media, we provide interactive digital signage solutions that will give your customers great dining experience. Contact us for more information on how digital signage can benefit your business.



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