Interactive Educational Displays

Captivate your classroom


Interactive Educational Displays

Digitalization in education is not an option; it’s a must. Enhance your experience inside and outside of the classroom with smart interactive technology. Captivate and engage at every touchpoint, whether inside the classroom, around campus, or learning and teaching from home; these tools deliver an enhanced experience while maintaining student engagement, collaboration, and confidence.


Get rid of old projectors and boring chalkboards and elevate your space with interactive whiteboards. Enhance classroom learning, inspire, and communicate with your students with an effective integrated experience. 
LG Education Display


Encourage creative thinking, innovation and collaboration with interactive digital flipcharts and digital whiteboards. Draw pictures, make lists, and pull up photos on a centralized surface. Share content across all devices and work, teach and learn uninterrupted.  

Easy to use, easy to view

Simple, engaging, and connected. Engage students with interactive, industry-leading software. SMART displays include an essential set of teaching tools for student engagement. It has intuitive navigational features and a touch display that people of all ages can easily use. A range of computing options puts everything teachers need in one place. 



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