Top 5 Digital Signage Trends 2021

With an unprecedented year behind us filled with the biggest disruption yet, brands must look ahead to discover ways to reengage consumers. Digital signage will be a key enabler to get customers in-store and engaged with your brand. Here are the Top 5 Digital Signage Trends to watch for in 2021:

Touchless and Gesture-Based Kiosks: Make interactions safer by integrating touchless technology in your kiosks. This more sanitary interface will allow your customers to engage with your branded kiosks by leveraging gesture controls such as hand tracking, voice, or even using their mobile device to navigate.

Digital Wayfinding and Communication Signage: Create a tailored experience that provides visitors effortless navigation, and seamless interactions on an intuitive interface. With just a few clicks, kiosks can provide timely and accurate information about the location to drive engagement and client satisfaction. This delivers an effective way to communicate with visitors. Companies can promote the products or services that they want to nurture, or even generate extra revenue by selling advertising space.

Social Distancing: Digital signage and kiosks provide a unique shopping experience whilst enabling safety and convenience at each step – for both consumers and frontline staff. Kiosks can be integrated into your experience to alleviate customer friction points. They can provide a queueing system for consumers, a traffic counter, digital traffic signs, hand sanitization, and more while instantly and dynamically providing critical information.

Digital Transformation: Deliver the power of engagement by capturing the attention of consumers with interactive displays. Replace boring static content by engaging your customers with eye-catching digital signage that seamlessly reinvents your space. Create a visual experience unlike any other using high-definition displays and innovative content that can easily be updated. The integration of digital menu boards will modernize your restaurant, improve communication, and up-sell and cross-sell products.

Bringing Online In-Store: Bring your online presence in-store by integrating digital signage, and kiosks. Empower your customers by integrating browsing kiosks. This enables consumers to browse your full product range and purchase online items in-store! These kiosks can help increase customer loyalty, maximize sales, and reduce overall costs.

Are there any other digital signage trends we missed?

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