Samsung Osheaga

Interactive Brand Activation Experience .


Partnering with Mosaic Sales Solutions, iGotcha Media delivered an electrifying 3D animation and a mind-bending “Flip Store” experience, all exclusively for Samsung Canada at the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival in the heart of Montréal, Quebec.

Client: Samsung
Project: Integrated Brand Activation
Industries: Public Experience


Our Process

Working in collaboration with Mosaic Sales Solutions and Samsung, iGotcha Media created three pieces of anamorphic content that strategically, and beautifully showcased the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Through rigorous experimentation, and countless iterations, iGotcha Media unearthed the ideal vantage point, ensuring that each spectator could marvel at the 3D Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 unfolding and dancing before their eyes.

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3D Animation

Our Solution

Concertgoers were captivated as iGotcha Media pulled out all the stops to immerse them in an engaging experience designed to showcase the cutting-edge Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 phone. The magic happened on colossal LED displays, where anamorphic 3D forced perspective content defied the boundaries of reality.

But the thrills didn’t stop there; iGotcha Media also crafted a photo adventure. Festival enthusiasts seized the opportunity to wield the powerful new Samsung phones, capturing sensational selfies that instantly made their debut on the colossal exterior LED screens. It was an epic fusion of technology and art, creating unforgettable moments.

A fusion of technology and artistry to immerse festivalgoers in an awe-inspiring experience that showcased the cutting-edge Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and celebrated individuality and creativity.

The project’s solution encompassed several key elements:

Anamorphic Content: The project featured 3D anamorphic content of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 phone displayed on massive LED screens.

Selfie Studio: A Selfie Studio was set up, leveraging the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5’s FlexCam feature. Festival attendees could take selfies from unique angles and heights, revolutionizing their selfie game.

Real-Time Photo Display: Real-time photos taken by festivalgoers were showcased on the LED screens outside the Samsung booth. This feature turned attendees into instant celebrities, creating a sense of community and shared experiences.

Interactive Tablets: Samsung tablets were provided to festival attendees, encouraging them to take their creativity to new heights and craft their visual stories.

Overall, the project’s solution aimed to engage festivalgoers in an innovative and immersive experience that celebrated individuality, creativity, and the technological capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. It was a multifaceted approach that blended technology, art, and self-expression to create a lasting impact at the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, which ultimately had everyone “Join the Flip Side.”

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