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In our latest experience with Reebok, we created an exciting experience to introduce its newest ZIG Kinetica footwear and unveil Conor McGregor as the featured athlete wearing ZIG. Our experience provided a motion graphics-rich digital signage and interactive experience with elements of surprise and delight that helped build an emotional connection between consumer and brand.

Client: Reebok
Project: Digital Signage
Industries: Retail



Our Process

Working collaboratively with Reebok’s various design firms and brand marketing teams for over 10 years, our team follows a design thinking methodology for each experience. This begins with clearly identifying who the intended target audience would be. The target audience persona for this project was: The Game Changers. Game Changers are between 20 and 25 years old, live an active and sporty lifestyle, underpinned by an insatiable desire to experiment in life and sport. Our experience inspired consumers to equip for experimentation. We incorporated the “Sport the Unexpected” campaign that asks us to embrace the unknown, embrace fitness, embrace style, and jump feet first into the future.

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Network Management

Technology Procurement

Content Creation

Our Solution

Our skilled team is constantly challenged to find new and engaging ways to integrate strategy, creativity, technology and innovation to heighten the retail customer experience. We designed an unforgettable experience for customers visiting Reebok stores and showrooms. This flexible solution utilized the best in UX design, with intuitive, simple user interfaces that allowed customers to easily navigate the experience. Our creative content leveraged rich motion graphics and Cinema 4D to create 3D animation and special effects that immersed users in the ZIG Kinetica experience. RFID-enabled displays would substitute interactive touch screens in certain deployments. The experiences would be easily updatable allowing customers to learn more about any of the several lines Reebok would introduce. We created an outstanding experience for Reebok by implementing digital signage that attracts customers to the store and then provided two-way engagement through interactive experiences. Our proprietary software enables Reebok to autonomously manage and customize each screen and collect valuable data about their clients to better market products and build brand advocacy.


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