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Complexe Desjardins, the largest building in Montreal’s metropolitan area, wanted to enhance its presence in downtown Montreal by deploying an immersive digital solution in the Quartier des Spectacles. Our team was solicited to contribute the content and software which would power this massive LED sign system.

The outdoor digital signage solution needed to be visible from far distances, be able to combat sunlight and resist extreme weather. The content on these digital displays had to be informative and eye-catching in order to attract passersby and improve the visitor experience.

Client: Complexe Desjardins
Project: Digital Signage
Industries:Public Spaces



Our Process

Our digital experience studio designed a content creation strategy that was focused on enriching the customer experience. Custom templates were built for Complexes Desjardins to display promotional content about upcoming events. The towers also feature details about the shopping mall’s activities and informational RSS feeds which display the weather and time. Vibrant colours and the implementation of strategic animation attracts viewers to the space and engages passersby.

Network Management

Digital Signage

Technology Integration

iGotcha Signage

Our Solution

The entrance of Complexe Desjardins was illuminated with 8 LED screens installed to form four impressive double-sided, 13 and 18-foot tall towers. iGotcha Media’s experienced team assisted in the strategic planning and positioning of the outdoor digital signage to ensure that they would be visible from all approaches. In order to sustain Montreal’s extreme weather and attract visitors throughout the seasons, fully weatherproof digital displays were selected for this installation.

The content played on these digital displays is scheduled, modified and deployed remotely through, iGotcha Signage, our powerful content management system. Our reliable service and 99% uptime guarantee enables Complexe Desjardins to deploy their content 24/7.

The outdoor digital signage installation, located in the heart of one of Montreal’s busiest areas, creates an impressive and alluring digital experience to be enjoyed by tourists and residents alike.

Note: Video production in collaboration with Admemori, under the creative direction of SGM agency.

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