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Desjardins sought the help of iGotcha Media to deploy an innovative and eye-catching digital signage solution for the opening of their downtown location. Considering that this branch was positioned on the corner of Saint Catherine and Peel street, it was imperative that they attract the attention of the masses of people passing in front of the store. The digital signage solution needed to operate like a work of art, but also an engaging information network.

Being a Quebec-born business, it was important for Desjardins to partner with local companies like iGotcha Media.

Client: Desjardins Bank
Project: Digital Signage
Industries: Finance



Our Process

Our team worked collaboratively with Desjardins to bring their vision to life. We developed a digital signage strategy that used LED displays, which were visible from the street through the glass window and appreciated equally by passersby and branch customers. These LED signs modernize the look of the Desjardins branch and position them as innovators in their field.

Network Management

Digital Signage

Technology Procurement

iGotcha Signage

Our Solution

Our skilled installation team deployed a massive 52-foot-long LED mesh curtain in the Desjardins branch, located in downtown Montreal.

The LED signage displays a river-like pattern that constantly changes and adapts depending on the sound activity in the branch. Not only is this installation an innovative work of art, but it is a functional display that interprets and responds to in-store traffic. iGotcha Media collaborated with Massivart and Daniel Iregui, a new media artist who creates riveting interactive content, to give life to this artistically complex installation.

In addition to the LED mesh curtain, a high resolution 226” x 88” digital signage display, dedicated to playing original and informative content was implemented in the branch. Considering that a significant amount of sunlight beamed into the branch, a 1500 nit, the high-brightness display was selected for this installation.

Our reliable and powerful content management software, iGotcha Signage, enables Desjardins to schedule, monitor and edit the content displayed remotely and in-real time ensuring that the information is accurate and tailored to the time and day

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