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Immersive branch of the future .

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National Bank commissioned iGotcha Media to participate in the development of the “Branch of the Future”. The bank’s aim was to improve its relationship with customers, as well as meet increasing technological demands. It was our challenge to integrate technology within the current environment in order to boost interaction and engagement with clients.
Client: National Bank
Project: Digital Signage
Industries: Finance


National Bank

Our Process

When entering a branch, we wanted all of the customers’ senses to be stimulated. That’s why we gathered information from many sources to implement a best-in-class audio solution specifically designed for National Bank. We created independent playlists adapted to different customer segmentation based on geographic location. The music and the rhythm adjust during the day as well as the seasons of the year, thus creating a warm and welcoming environment for all National Bank clients.

Network Management

Digital Signage

Technology Procurement

iGotcha Signage

Our Solution

We created solutions that integrated into the National Bank’s aesthetic while keeping its practical and technical constraints in mind. Two entirely new digital zones were created. We also encouraged the bank to go even further by creating its own sound identity through a personalized playlist.

Sid Lee, the agency behind the new branch concept, took advantage of iGotcha’s expertise as a technology specialist. In collaboration with the bank’s marketing and architect team, we came up with the “Idea Workshop”, space where customers are invited to get information via interactive tablets. We also delivered a technology solution that ensures the secure management of tablet data.

Additionally, we developed a “Wall of Achievements,” the focal point of new branches. An eye-catching video wall displaying various content inspires clients and passers-by. iGotcha participated in the content strategy of this innovative piece, as well as in the production of animated video capsules.


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