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Lamar sought the expertise of iGotcha Media to deploy interactive kiosks in Vancouver TransLink stations. Since the kiosks were required to be placed outside, our solution needed to account for the impact of sunlight on screen brightness and be resistant to weather conditions like rain, snow, hail and extreme temperatures. The height of installation also needed to be adapted to ensure accessibility for individuals with reduced mobility.

The interactive kiosks were envisioned to provide transit information about train schedules and travel time between stations. Additionally, wayfinding solutions had to be integrated to provide commuters with the ability to plan their itinerary, as well as inform tourists about attractions in the surrounding area. The information had to be presented in an interactive manner, so that users could engage with the kiosks, and be updated in real-time in case of delays or emergencies. When not in use, the kiosks needed to display Lamar’s advertisements.


iGotcha Media’s developers were tasked with designing an innovative wayfinding solution that would provide commuters with a frictionless transit experience, all while enabling the kiosk to display advertisements when not in use. Their efforts resulted in an interactive multi-touch compatible application that allowed visitors to schedule and map out their route. All users have to do is enter their destination, and the application will provide them with all the possible routes, via bus, train, ferry and skytrain. Users also have access to local news, weather and live train data which informs them of public transit schedules and potential delays. The software features a tourist-friendly search feature which showcases nearby restaurants, shops and attractions.

The application encourages environmentally-friendly behaviour by revealing how “green” commuters’ routes are. The software makes users aware of their impact on our planet by comparing their public transit emissions to car emissions.

Our project managers relied on the experience they gained by working with other transportation companies, like VIA Rail, to recommend the best hardware for this installation. Our team selected interactive IP65 weatherproof kiosks, which were safe for indoor and outdoor use. 55” screens were integrated into the kiosks at a strategic height, enabling full wheelchair accessibility. Our software monitors the temperature of the kiosks and studies the ambient lighting to ensure maximal brightness and smooth operation 24/7.

iGotcha Signage, our proprietary content management software, is used to remotely control the screens and update content in real-time. Our CMS provides Lamar and TransLink with the flexibility to alter the information on as many screens at a time as needed. Our 99% uptime guarantee offers them the reliable service required to confidently feature content over long periods of time.

The first kiosk was installed in May 2019 at Surrey Central station, with over 50 additional installations planned. Our deployment was immensely successful and as a result, several other cities have approached our company for similar projects!

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In existence since 1902, Lamar is an advertising company that specializes in outdoor advertisements, including billboards, interstate logos, transit stations and airports. They currently have over 348 000 displays in North America and are the largest provider of digital billboards in the United States.

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