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WVRST, a modern beer hall that specializes in artisan sausages and craft beer, sought the help of iGotcha Media to implement digital menu boards for the opening of their Toronto Union Station location.

The digital menu boards had to reflect the look and feel of WVRST’s branding and ensure continuity throughout the restaurant. Our client also needed a content management software that is easy-to-use in order for their staff to be able to access and update the displays depending on their daily, and even hourly, beer offerings.


iGotcha Media integrated their software and content solutions into four 55” digital menu boards which hung from both sides of the restaurant’s bar. Our fully integrated solutions streamline the style, service and customer experience in WVRST.

Our team implemented our powerful content management software, iGotcha Signage, enabling our client switch their offerings based on the time and day. Our user-friendly interface allowed WVRST employees to program feeds and manage the content displayed on their screens in real-time.

iGotcha Media’s digital experience studio worked with WVRST to create custom templates for their digital signage. Our designers gave the displays a unique look and feel by including design elements that represented our client’s brand identity such as their logo.

Our digital solutions enabled WVRST to display their menu in an innovative and engaging way and ensure that their clients are only exposed to their most current offerings. The digital menus contributed to the contemporary look of their restaurant, improved the dining experience and streamlined the way staff can share information with clients.

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A modern beer hall that specializes in artisan sausages, craft beer, and good times, located on King Street in Toronto.

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