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Over the past 10 years, iGotcha Media has provided Reebok with Integrated Brand Experiences and innovative solutions. We have assisted in the design and opening of new stores in Boston, New York City and San Diego. Our skilled team is constantly challenged to find new and engaging ways to integrate strategy, creative, technology and innovation to heighten the retail customer experience. We are repeatedly engaged by Reebok every time new campaigns and products are featured to elevate the digital experiences in store. In our latest experience we helped Reebok introduce its newest ZIG Kinetica footwear and also unveil Conor McGregor as the featured athlete wearing ZIG. Our experience provided a motion graphics rich digital signage and interactive experience with elements of surprise and delight that helped build an emotional connection between consumer and brand. We incorporated the latest in 3D animation, special effects, accessible UX design, custom interactive development and state of the art software to drive it all.



Our team aims to design unforgettable experiences for customers visiting Reebok stores and showrooms. We began on this journey several years ago with Reebok. In 2019 we took our experiences to the next level by prototyping some new technology that would allow campaign specific content to be delivered. Close to the end of 2019 we featured the ZIG Kinetica line. This line carried into the first quarter of 2020. Our target audience persona where THE GAME CHANGERS.The Zig Kinetica was built for the Game Changer to wear throughout their daily activities. Delivering an all-day performance experience wherever life takes them, Zig Kinetica brings them comfort and style. Our 20-25-year-old Game Changers live an active and sporty lifestyle that is underpinned by an insatiable desire to experiment in life and sport. We needed to demonstrate the ZIG footwear as a vehicle allowing them to move fluidly between different activities, their gym is no longer confined to a traditional workout routine, nor is their wellness some type of finite destination. Sports products today are more than performance — they are key to creating a style that Game Changers can define as their own. The experience needed to inspire consumers to equip for experimentation in fitness and life. We needed to incorporate the “Sport the Unexpected” campaign that asks us to embrace the unknown, embrace fitness, embrace style, and jump feet first into the future. Our objective was to create an engaging digital signage and interactive customer experience that would inspire and challenge people to replace complacency with movement and change and become brand advocates for ZIG Kinetica and the Sport the unexpected mantra. We had had to maximise our teams expertise and skills to deliver an incredible experience worthy of the Reebok brand. iGotcha created an outstanding experience for Reebok by implementing digital signage that attracts customers to the store and then provided 2-way engagement through interactive touch screen experiences. Our software enabled Reebok to autonomously manage and customize each screen, as well as collect valuable data about their clients to better market their products. We have grown our partnership with Reebok and continue to be their Digital Signage and Interactive Experience partners.  When they moved from their old HQ in Canton to their new one in Drydock we began the Digital Signage pilot which has now become a successful roll-out that is slated to continue expanding in 2020. We have refreshed all of our content and experiential applications over the past few years as new campaigns are introduced, because Reebok has seen incredible engagement by customers. Staff regularly use the interactive experiences as aided sales tools with customers as well. Our experiences captivate customers and help provide sales uplift. We have also maintained a 99% uptime of their digital signage network throughout our entire relationship.

iGotcha Media Wins 2020 ICXA “Best Digital Signage ICX” Elevate Award.

The Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Association has named iGotcha Media as the winner of the “Best Digital Signage ICX” for its Reebok ZIG Kinetica Experience during an awards ceremony livestream. The ICX Association Elevate Awards are given annually to recognize achievements in engaging customer experiences.

“I was immediately struck by the energy of this solution. iGotcha Media has crafted an artistically engaging campaign for Reebok that captures the ZIG Kinetica Experience brand,” said Bradley Cooper, editor of and one of the judges.

About the ICX Association

The ICX Association’s mission is to connect B2C brands to technology that elevates the customer experience. The ICX Association is a vital hub that connects users and suppliers in collaborative forums, be they virtual or physical, to understand how seemingly unrelated technologies can be integrated to create meaningful experiences.

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