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Over the past 10 years, iGotcha has provided Reebok with innovative retail solutions and assisted in the design and opening of new stores in New York City and San Diego. Our skilled team was challenged to find engaging ways to incorporate technology that could heighten customer experience.


Our team aimed to design an unforgettable experience for clients visiting a Reebok store or showroom. We designed four RFID-enabled stations, which allowed clients to learn more about any of the several dozen shoes in Reebok’s innovative showroom. All the shoes were equipped with an RFID chip so that once they were placed on a station, videos, photos and information about the style would be easily accessible to the client on wall-mounted screens.

iGotcha created an outstanding experience for clients by implementing interactive kiosks and digital signage solutions in retail stores as well. Our software enabled Reebok to autonomously manage and customize each station, as well as collect valuable data about their clients to better market their products.

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Reebok is a retail chain supplying athletic shoes, apparel & accessories for men, women & children.

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We offer digital display solutions that include material, installation, content strategy and app development.
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