Interactive Farming Adventure .


iGotcha was commissioned to design and develop a new visitor focused Tractor Simulator for Ingenium for the Museum of Agriculture in Ottawa. This Farming Adventure had to be on-brand, attractive, intuitively laid out and immersive. It was designed to offer visitors an experience, paralleled to match the visual design of the Museum experience. The Tractor Simulator had to be fun, educational and engaging.

Client: Ingenium
Project: Farming Adventure
Industries: Museum


Our Process

Ingenium identified key priorities for the museum’s Tractor Simulator. These were based on a preliminary audit and research conducted by iGotcha, and a review of the documented requirements provided by Ingenium. The scope of this project is to design and develop a Tractor Simulator for Ingenium, based on their current objectives and requirements.

Development of the experience was lengthy process that started with high level brainstorming with the client. Several versions and prototypes were built and tested with various focus groups. Iterative changes were made to address accessibility and user feedback. An agile development methodology was used to continuously improve the product and address hardware compatibility issues. Voice overs, sound effects, haptic feedback and realistic controls were integrated and tested to create a highly engaging and inclusive experience for all visitors.

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Content Creation

Our Solution

The new simulator experience had to be engaging and adhere to modern game development best practices. Using the built -in physics engine in Unity a realistic experience was be created. The environment was built from 3D models that are accurate to the real-world counterparts. This included the farming equipment as well as background elements such as tress and buildings.

The Tractor Simulator automatically responds to the user’s actions in a realistic way. Integration to haptic components increases the realism and feedback. iGotcha followed Ingenium’s Digital Media Standards to make the game accessible on many levels including audio and haptic feedback for visual impared visitors. As well, a ground-level, wheel-chair accessible experience was created.


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